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MixgalaxyRecords : Music For Danny DeVito

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 01:01:40 - 320kb/s - 115.62 MB
Date released
Date published
2011/02/02 17:29h



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Release Notes

This time Mixgalaxy Records made a special compilation for Mr. Danny DeVito. Why? Because nobody has never done this for him before. At least officially. We sorta didn’t know what kind of music he prefers so we’ve set up a tracklist of a wide variety of genres for him to pick from. We decided that making it a private release would be unfair to our listeners so you all are very much welcome to give this record a listen and share it with your friends of course.

It’s an easy bet to say that for Mr. DeVito all the names here are new, however for our regular listeners this release is once again a mix of old timers (even including Jacobo – a raggae-dub side project of Sinestesia) and a couple of guest artists which we would like to present. Meet Abel Mariam from San Jose, California, USA who contributed an opening track and meet Russian-Norwegian duo Zunzagi which consists of sound producer Sergei from Tomsk and singer Julia from Oslo. And finally welcome Without Time band form Grodno, Bealrus.

So, as you can expect from Mixgalaxy Records it’s a nice one hour set of good tracks fluctuating from easy listening and folk-pop to electro-house, breakbeat and even hip-hop. And if by any chance you are an acquaintance of Mr. DeVito – make sure to pass him the link, that will do us all a big favor.

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