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MixgalaxyRecords : Music For The Weird Clerkfish

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 51:59 - 320kb/s - 97.47 MB
Date released
Date published
2010/05/11 11:17h



idmambientbreakship-hopfolkacidorchestralhardcorerapchilloutpop Please login to edit Tags
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Release Notes

Clerkfish is an aquatic vertebrate that is covered with scales of cynicism. During the evolution process, this fish became cold-blooded because of eating different media products. There is only one thing in all aquatic environments that hepls this creature in self-realization – MUSIC. Clerkfish needs to eat at least one good mixtape every day, otherwise it dies fast either in abyssal depths of the chaotic post-modernist ocean or from a fisherman’s knife. We happened to meet one in the nearest lake. It was a really weird creation that looked very hungry. So we had nothing to do than to feed the clerkfish with our latest mixtape that opened a new chapter of Mixgalaxy Records diary. Yes, we go international! Artists form around the world took part in this project. Among them are IMDB listed old-school hip-hop artist Brandon K. Montoya aka Coruscate and Bear & Lampshade duo from USA, Brazilian pop-singer Yokandesh, UK vocalist Gizella and finally Spanish multi-instrumentalist Raul Diaz Palomar aka Taker 51. Some of them have got slots in our release shedule. And of course a few already known Mixgalaxy artists demonstrated their creativity again. So this is another salad-style compilation that proves our motto ‘Delivering Diverse Music’. Ambient, IDM, Russian folk-pop, acid broken beat, hip-hop, lounge, smooth jazz, hardcore space electronica, cold and warm, catchy and glitchy, melodic and abstract – everybody can find something for him- or herself. No doubt about it. New chapter requires new illustrations. So welcome our new painter Ket Golosov, the author of this wonderful cover art.

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