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Recently active Labels

Cota303 [ext] by-nc-sa
16 Releases, 21 Artists
 crazy language  
crazy language [ext] by-nc-nd
De, Berlin
52 Releases, 87 Artists
electronica idm experimental to chill dubstep ambient glitch breaks  
 Spiritual Resistance  
Spiritual Resistance [ext] by-nc
It, Sardinia
3 Releases, 9 Artists
idm dubstep breaks downbeats techno dub jungle sardinia  
Meridian [ext] by-nc-nd
It, Siziano
10 Releases, 7 Artists

Recently active Releases

 [ramx002] Urban...  
[ramx002] Urban Lights 
by Andrija
on realaudio
1 Track, 1 Artist '101 Downloads
 [TUP008]   Resurge One  
Resurge One by-nc-nd
Various Artists
on this side music
4 Tracks, 4 Artists 2'652 Downloads
 [ALW035]   alw035 Like Peop...  
alw035 Like People Smoke Cigar... by-nc-nd
by de:pot
on auflegware
4 Tracks, 1 Artist 23'587 Downloads [i]
 [TDN009]   Resurge Two  
Resurge Two by-nc-nd
Various Artists
on this side music
3 Tracks, 3 Artists '597 Downloads [i]

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