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MixgalaxyRecords : Dream Catcher

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 41:59 - 320kb/s - 78.72 MB
Date released
Date published
2011/06/21 18:02h



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Release Notes

Do you remember our regular contributors Waterplea who were with us from the beginning? They prepared their first solo LP to be released here. Let you not be tricked by a short tracklist for it’s a 40 minutes trip with detailed conception, ever-changing pace and mood. It takes you from your chair/sofa/bed to a deep sleep state, laying a road before you and inviting you to visit unexplored worlds drawn with blended colors of rich imagination of the authors. Traversing dark ambient soundscapes through intense vivid beats to engaging downtempo grooves this solid music piece touches dozens of different styles and evokes a broad range of emotions and pictures in listeners head.

As authors say the album was mostly composed sequentially, that’s why it was decided to keep the most of it in a single track to underline the theme of one thing transforming into another as your thoughts move from it as it often happens when you sleep. When one is seeing a dream it is hard to tell when it started or how he got here because it’s in a constant change yet all is still connected. This album is something you’d probably like to return to, because of its multilayered atmosphere and numerous details that make listener want to give it another shot to explore something he missed before. There was also a limited number of physical copies printed; images created for its booklet are included in the archive.

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