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zymogen : Sky Diary Edits

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 39:05 - 256kb/s - 58.62 MB
Date released
Date published
2010/05/24 15:41h



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Release Notes

Everything started when Sky Diaries, the original EP by young fellow Fred Baty a.k.a.Crepusculum, was released at 12rec. in December 2006. It was a five song EP comprised solely of incredible acoustic music, composed with a guitar and some decent electronic enhancements. His music left me completely stunned and I immediately thought that the pureness of Fred's guitar-play would be a fantastic inspiration in the hands of electronic musicians. From both Zymogen and 12rec., several names came up. We were lucky enough to receive enthusiastic responses from both sides as well as from artists of other great labels such as EKORain MusicAutoplate,Standard Klik Music and Nexsound. In the end there were so many great tracks that we decided to assemble two different playlists; one for the digital EP, downloadable for free on Zymogen, and one for the amazing handmade CDr-LP available at the 12rec. webshop, both with exclusive remixes and artwork. Many artists took part in the project, adding their personal touch to every single Crepusculum track. These include Tupolev bassist and sound-artist Alexandr Vatagin, Darren McClure, Engine7, Emil Klotzsch & Raimund Sudermann, Bluermutt, Letna, Alexandre Navarro, Ibakusha, The Love Songs, Heezen, Koutaro Fukui, GoGooo and the Netaudio legend Marsen Jules who contributed different remixes for both the album and the EP.What is particularly incredible about Sky Diary Edits is how the different interpretations of the same source fit together. Every musician deconstructed Fred's guitar as if to get closer to the original melancholia of his melodies. This is particularly evident in pieces by Darren McClure, Klotzsch & Sudermann, Letna and GoGooo. Certain musicians chose to completely turn the tracks inside out in order to give a new feel such as Heezen and Bluermutt. The album serves as a vital constituent of the whole as it completes the EP with some of the best remixes of the entire project, namely by Klotzsch & Sudermann, Koutaro Fukui, The Love Songs and GoGooo… absolutely unmissable!

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