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Bing Satellites Mostly Ambient Radio Show : Mostly Ambient Show 004 - 1 September 2011

Catalog number
Playtime: 02:05:56 - 128kb/s - 94.45 MB
Date released



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Release Notes

Bing Satellites Mostly Ambient Radio Show
2 hours of the best ambient electronic and experimental music from around the world
plus live sets from Bing Satellites and others.
Broadcast live every Wednesday 8-10pm UK time on

Tracklist links for show 4 - 1st September 2011

01. Camomatic - squidding
from various - nocturnal emmision 1st flight released by laverna netlabe

02. Lazzich - Down
from 360_kh released by Passage netlabel

03. Halo XVI - Ghost Sonata
from various - late night broadcast released by laverna netlabel

04. Phillip Wilkerson - Drone 7
from The Dream Beneath released by Amorphous Music

05. Cousin Silas - Christmas Alone
from Uncertainty released by Justnotnormal

06. SineRider - Sleepless
from Ambivert released by BFW recordings

07. Inapsine - Ganymede Dawn
from Ganymede Dawn

08. Tange and Gregg Plummer - Aural Fractals Part 2
from Aural Fractals released by Treetrunk

09. Susperia-Electrica - Free Floating In Space [Expedition 24]
from various artists - Conception released by Free Floating Music

10. Mooma - Tachyon Lullaby
from various artists - Conception released by Free Floating Music

11. the ambient visitor - Varuna
from three

12. Daniel Land - Last August
from Sad Captains

13. Eko_fisk - Distant Gods and Faded Signs
from Bad Weather released by BFW recordings

14. Bing Satellites - Soothing Image 4
from Soothing Images 1-15 released by BFW recordings

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