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Compiling a Network : Compiling a Network v1.0

Playtime: 58:07 - 320kb/s - 108.90 MB
Date released
Date published
2011/04/18 18:49h



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Release Notes

Promomix: “Compiling a Network - v1.0” V/A - datamixed by dee3 Tracklist: Michael Welch: Another World | (Unreleased) Benfay: Oak | Thinner Tom Lehman: Motion | (Unreleased) The Parallel: Solar | (Unreleased) Christian Bloch: Sternhell | Funque Droppings/Memento Christian Bloch: Ongoing 1 | Funque Droppings/Memento Surphase & Rktic: Südschleuse | Thinner Surphase & Rktic: Tidenhub | Thinner Mick Chillage: Menace | Unreleased Roman Zawodny: Mind Games (Elton D remix) | F1 records (promo) Kube 72: Kubanic | Tekknik Experimental (promo) flaaps: Deepdiving | C90 Rules OK! (promo) flaaps: (Unknown) | (Unknown) Jason Corder: Deja Hue | Thinner Echodek: Newark Northgate | Unreleased Dimitri Pike: Increase Wildtek | Virtual Dimitri Pike: Carnival Wildtek | Virtual G. Duprey: To the Victor the Spoils 2 | F1 records (promo)

The individual tracks used are fully copyrighted and held by the respective artists and labels; furthermore, all tracks are used with the involved artists' and/or labels' knowledge and permission. If this mix is third-party distributed, the tracklist and CC-license terms have to accompany the audio-file in some manner.

The Compiling a Network app (Android) can be downloaded from here:

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