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Gondowanland School of Subcutaneous Noise Infraction

Last activity

Main License


SoUnd Scouring

All text expanded herein is taken (or maybe) from Gondowanland School founder Siree Goomshoes’ original text: “Para encontrar la forma de las uñas de los sonidos para fregar otras fuentes de ruido inexplicable.” (“To find a way to nail the sounds scouring other unexplained noise sources”)

(Sound scrubbing paragraph)

(oh baby and my time is upon us, a group of friends to the fun of other noises must be called in to the temptation corruscating bright shiny wire notes jingle jangle my nerves really set for good skoozy squeezy question about the time that dripped from his brain nodules wonder if it was good, of course, was proper implementation of the tubes of the mind is always good is not it, of course is.)

(washed in the sound section)

(Bring the style of first paragraph apply here Backward Changes REQUESTS before nailing you sound with Beep Beep Sound That’s what I ask for a pending task we ask What is the style of Height?)

(Step one)

(insert sound to start the first real wash before alpha attenuation meters. consider folding the calibration standards and Simon turn the dial of the ‘fusion ’ until the needle points South frunge southeast. Actual variation of the midline can cause pigs to wash the shores of the nearby beaches, unless the board is firmly screwed thrusk collector, if this “nonsense” persists then applying toothpaste to the board at least make that the stuck pig smell minty fresh.)

** ‘’ ** ‘’ ** ‘’ ** ‘’ ** ‘’ ** ‘’ ** ‘’ **

SuPEr sooNd: NonsesicaL Partculart sifting

A devil reigns beside a pose. Particulate sifting hams nonsensical into an engaging damned. Nonsensical fancies a valve before her dreary textbook. Particulate sifting fumes below nonsensical. Why does an atheist contrast interest an easier sabotage? Particulate sifting toes the line behind nonsensical.

Nonsensical mends without a flawed drip. Does a sitting animal color? Particulate sifting starts the myth in my electronic home. Nonsensical smells the vowel.

** ‘’ ** ‘’ ** ‘’ ** ‘’ ** ‘’ ** ‘’ ** ‘’ **

PaTaphisikil ManiPulaTion

However, the following three to five deep-eyed weepers ablow Chrome to remove any butts

Monkeys with this cry meow boo boo

Salts of the cellar at night will serve tea, no butter beans

OH secret moderate brothers, sisters Purple!

And is still a bit of luggage to the drop-down nunchee Chacoonga ba

two-or three-punch card for shoes

The best card in two or three chews

two or trews for the free card

** ‘’ ** ‘’ ** ‘’ ** ‘’ ** ‘’ ** ‘’ ** ‘’ **

freeBLe Notch ImplmEntatiON

Fruity is the mighty barnacle of Gleet. Bow to the devious most snooterous hatsnack or face the dire teacup.

Parsable truncation THE FURST

Go go monkeys cry the hounds of Gleet, beware the knives of cheese or carry out the loose dot cover. Frugal is the eyeball ham but share it with you they shall if proven to be avowed of any other. Don’t ever be the one to free, mainly because of tyres which come in a myriad of shapes of forms. Not all things Tyred are round U. C.

However, consider this if you will. Where do these many froo froo baiting hatsnacks come from? WHY!!!! Teh mokeys themselves be course! So careful with the kittens but never with the nails. Don’t be for worry thou art only covert not hidden.

Parsable truncation THE SECUND

Point or a hedge of white cheese and a knife to perform its duty, dogs and monkeys gleet who weep. HAM poor, but his eyes held each other to try, if it belongs to him. The many forms of income from any value into the tires, not a grace. Consider all the things around the city Tyred. C. is

It may, however, believe. Where to go from this game hatsnacks Froo Froo WHY! This mokeys its course! Thus, the kittens, but be careful with the nails. Not only in secret, do not worry about you.

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