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Gondowanland School of Subcutaneous Noise Infraction : Bobby OddSocks in the land of the NoChiefs

Catalog number
Playtime: 9:14 - 320kb/s - 17.31 MB
Date published
2011/06/19 22:20h



electronicanoiseexperimentaldigitalelectronicbreaksavant-gardeimprovisedacousticanaloguefield recordingfunepicsynthpoetrysurrealismbeatssound artartnoise-hopfruityscotlandscottishsillynonsensepost-surrealismabstractionismpurple ottersnochiefsbiscuitsthe moonbarnaclesquangomade by machine for mandigitaliswah wahcooliono thankshonktronicahotchasequencedsyntheziserfartdumb 'n' bass Please login to edit Tags
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Release Notes

HOtcha!!! Come be listenable of Bobby OddSocks in the land of the NoChiefs

Much much much FUN!!!!! for you and you and you and you and Shoe or Shoes...GOOMSHOES! boomshoes, broomshoes,

broomloose...oh MY NO!!! Don't loose the broom for what will you use to sweep the room??????? That would never get

the loom to function most correcidly so or NO...NO...dipping chips tastes so much better.

I like Salsa!


442 ardions

half past a rat's ass
always drink from broken glass
no one cares what you don't know
you're just a little creepy Joe
purple otters come to town
polish up your scary clown
can you buy a heart my dear
or can you even shed a tear
never judge your tiny wig
for all who come demand a jig
that's why you pop all those pills
to counteract the dancing ills
ask yourself my little snout
why not take your eyeballs out
curry favour with all who go
cheery weary pushes blow
the answer's in a big hatsnack
peel your mind and let it crack
oh my yes my fruity spiel
drips and dribbles like an eel
the gleet it calls and issues forth
a message made from lucid North
hooty gubble cheap peep bubble
causes me unending trouble
switchy NoChiefs call to me
cause great demand for old stale tea
asking always who did write
these choosy words of potato flight

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