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Underpolen : Pawprinting EP

Released on
Playtime: 9:11 - 320kb/s - 17.22 MB
Date released
Date published
2014/03/12 11:17h



experimentalrockavant-gardelo-finoise rockno wavestochasticaccidental Please login to edit Tags
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Release Notes

"Pawprinting EP" gives beginning to an exciting process of developing perfectlyrandom music arranged by a computer, without any involvement by the composer. The results you can hear on this cd are notbreathtaking, however the record had to appear in order to constitute a basis on which the research can be improved and continued. Guitar chords on all frets in long and short variations, as well as in groups of four, ans drum sounds have been introduced to a computer, and then played back using the "shuffle" method, with minimal initial presets in order to avoid monotony. Here are the results - accidental music arranged by a computer.

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