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Underpolen : Made Way

Released on
Playtime: 30:17 - 320kb/s - 56.78 MB
Date released
Date published
2014/03/12 12:57h



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Release Notes

Jan Strach continues to experiment with accident and randomness in music, with this album trying to find balance between chaos and the creator's conscious choices.

Each song consists of 5 tracks: Drums, bass, keyboard, guitar, vocals. The recording consisted of recording (in one take) one track for each of the songs, then leaving it for a couple of days in order to forget them. After the pause, another track was recorded listening to the previous ones, in one take, forcing the musician to improvise on the go, in order of instruments given above. The lyrics are in english, which is not my native language, so they only partly have any sense, and partly are based on stream of consciousness and random associations. The title of each song was chosen purposely by the author, based on each song's lyrics. The album title was randomly chosen by generating random two words from all the lyrics. The main theme of the cove - a possum - was also chosen in random from all lyrics. The rest was added based on random associations. Thw hole was then colored by Jan Strach and his 2-year old son. The writings on the cover made with left hand, with closed eyes.

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