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Insubordinations is a netlabel dedicated to improvised music - freejazz or electroacoustic or other experimentations - catched without artifices, energy explosions, spontaneous constructions, abused structures, unstabilities, confrontations or simply absolute liberty. Insubordinations is an colletive sub-project. Insubordinations collection: GIANNI LENOCI & HOCUS_POCUS IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA ephemeral#2 EVE RISSER & RAFAL MAZUR élan vital MAZUR & DYMNY Extension PHAT La Grande Peste DIATRIBES with DRAGOS TARA and PIERO SK l'instant d'après JOEL GRIP + CHRISTIAN MUNTHE + TATSUYA NAKATANI So It Goes ANDRE VIDA I dont know whats wrong with me, my computer eyes or my internet knees KARST ft ABSTRAL COMPOST EKYU #1 APEIRON night in krakow LE GGRIL avec Jean Derome & Les Poules PLAISTOW Los Criminales Reciclados En Conductores De Autobuses POTLATCH The Rrose Sélavy Show TRIO BWW ADRIàN JUàREZ sandias correntinas ERIC PAILHE/JOHANN BOURQUENEZ/CYRIL BONDI/D'INCISE connivence*2 ROSA LUXEMBURG NEW QUINTET topophonies TLÖN5 # DIATRIBES+BOURQUENEZ+BERTHET connivence*01 COLLECTION D'UNIVERS SPONTANÉS compilation MATHIAS DELPLANQUE SOL FIST OF KONG does stuff MARTINE ALTENBURGER & LÊ QUAN NINH love stream CRIADERO EN SERES colmillo de cereza TUTU COMBO & HEDDY BOUBAKER le grain de l'avoine CRASHBONSAI shit on scissors: splatter data for fake minds V.A. insub01->07 reworked BUCHER/GLAUSER/UNTERNÄHRER THOMAS CHARMETANT indoor/outdoor JACQUES DEMIERRE black/white memories SÉBASTIEN CIROTTEAU+FABRICE CHARLES rumeurs DIATRIBES+CHRISTIAN GRAF odeur de bitume mouillé PAMELA'S PARADE à  la guinguette HEDDY BOUBAKER+SÉBASTIEN BOUHANA or check the releases page for more infos:>

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[insub01]boubaker+bouhana by-nc-nd
by Heddy Boubaker+Sébastien Bouhana
on insubordinations
2 Tracks, 1 Artist 44 Downloads [i]
 [insub02] à  la...  
[insub02] à  la guinguette 
by Pamela's Parade
on insubordinations
4 Tracks, 1 Artist '104 Downloads
by 494unknown
on insubordinations
2 Tracks, 1 Artist 52 Downloads
by 494unknown
on insubordinations
2 Tracks, 1 Artist 44 Downloads


 Pamela's Parade  
Pamela's Parade
1 Release, 1 Label [i]