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diatribes+christian graf

Last Update
2019-07-31 04:45:37

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Artist Profile


Diatribes began its existence under another name d’incise d’où inductions in a Geneva basement in
winter 2004. The idea behind the band was to mix three distinct sources (wind, percussion and
electronic) in order to develop a malleable mass of sound. The saxophone and drums get confused
with the treatment of their own sound, in a primary dance, where construction and destruction
coexist, and envy and disgust unite. The relationship with the audience is deep and intimate.
Dreams and fears become noise and silence…

christian graf:

Guitarist and composer. Involved in many AMR projects since the 70's. Worked with various musicians
such as Urs Blöchlinger, Christy Doran, Glenn Ferris, Mathieu Michel and others. Former member of
the group "Aujourd'hui Madame", and at present much involved in "Double Jeu Trio" and "La Fanfare
du Loup". Composed lots of music for the theater (Théâtre du Loup, Compagnie Jean-Louis Hourdin).
Played at different european festivals (Zürich, Donaueschingen, Cologne, Grenoble, Willisau).
Member also of numerous jazz groups in Switzerland, namely with Carlos Baumann's Schizodie, or
Pierre-François Massy's Rosetta. Had also large activities in the rock movement, and specialised
for years in electrical sound effects and looping devices.

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