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Bushmen Records

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The Bushmen are here and we have a mission.

Arising from the South African digital bush our mission is to be a platform for underground South African musical artists to showcase and release their music to the world. The music is released for free, to share with everyone. This movement is what is commonly known as a Netlabel and you are now at the forefront of the South African netlabel revolution.

The reason for its exclusivity to South African artists is that there are no real diverse Netlabel platforms for South Africans artists to release their music under. Our aim is to be this platform and to help both upcoming and established South African musical artists to get their music out there. We also aim to interact and collaborate with international Netlabels and through that have South African artists feature globally.

All music released by Bushmen Records are licensed under a Creative Commons license which enables everyone to share the music freely and also protects certain rights of the artist. The only time when additional permission will be needed is when any of the music is used for commercial purposes.

If you are a South African artist or band who would like to release or showcase your music and you share the same ideals as Bushmen Records then send us a message from the Feedback form on the right. State your cause along with a link to your music and we will get in contact with you in good time.

South Africa is a wild place and Bushmen Records are the underground pioneers of the digital new age.

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 [bush35]   Mechanosensitive  
Mechanosensitive by-nc-sa
by The Shimmer Effect
on Bushmen Records
9 Tracks, 1 Artist '666 Downloads [i]
 [bush34]   Mountain  
Mountain by-nc-sa
by The X-Structure
on Bushmen Records
8 Tracks, 1 Artist '392 Downloads [i]
 [bush33]   32 Miles  
32 Miles by-nc-sa
by Alchesound
on Bushmen Records
13 Tracks, 1 Artist '969 Downloads [i]
 [bush32]   Wild Places  
Wild Places by-nc-sa
by The X-Structure
on Bushmen Records
8 Tracks, 1 Artist '464 Downloads [i]
 [bush31]   Subconscious  
Subconscious by-nc-nd
by Jed Rabid
on Bushmen Records
4 Tracks, 1 Artist '579 Downloads [i]
 [bush30]   Uranometria  
Uranometria by-nc-sa
by [unknown]
on Bushmen Records
12 Tracks, 0 Artists '828 Downloads [i]
 [bush29]   Liberation  
Liberation by-nc-sa
by The X-Structure
on Bushmen Records
7 Tracks, 1 Artist '568 Downloads [i]
 [bush27]   The Future  
The Future by-nc-sa
by The X-Structure
on Bushmen Records
15 Tracks, 1 Artist 1'521 Downloads [i]
 [bush24]   New Earth  
New Earth by-nc-sa
by The X-Structure
on Bushmen Records
15 Tracks, 1 Artist 2'430 Downloads [i]
 [bush23]   terra incognita  
terra incognita by-nc-sa
by sir nightowl
on Bushmen Records
16 Tracks, 1 Artist 1'873 Downloads [i]


Bushmen_Records, Big_Wave_Records
2 Releases, 2 Labels [i]
 Jeb Rabid  
Jeb Rabid
0 Releases, 1 Label
 Jed Rabid  
Jed Rabid
1 Release, 1 Label
0 Releases, 1 Label
 sir nightowl  
sir nightowl
2 Releases, 1 Label