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The Shimmer Effect

Last Update
2019-07-31 04:26:35

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Artist Profile

The Shimmer Effect is an online project conceived between two independent music producers who randomly met on and began collaborating ideas. Post their first project it was clear that they should align their skills to leave a universal footprint as one entity. Stephen Mullarkey (Scotland) and Sjanine Steyn (South-Africa), both individuals in their own right, are self-styled independent music creators, producers, arrangers and exploring.This genre-bending duo delivers what most say is a unique and successful international musical collaboration.>

 [bush35]   Mechanosensitive  
Mechanosensitive by-nc-sa
by The Shimmer Effect
on Bushmen Records
9 Tracks, 1 Artist '612 Downloads [i]
 [SCH093]   Schorremorrie 93  
Schorremorrie 93 by-nc-nd
Various Artists
on Schorremorrie
16 Tracks, 16 Artists 3'374 Downloads

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idm noise experimental ambient glitch electronic trip-hop chill atmospheric edm psy-dub