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2021-12-21 03:49:18

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Artist Profile

As a fan of electronic music since the mid nineties, sea.envy began his non-existent career in music in '98 with the purchase of his first turntables and a grip of progressive house records which was all the rage at the time. During the next four years he practiced the art of mixing all the while working on his own productions utilizing the best of the software available. A few house parties later and after a slew of original productions and bootlegs, life moved forward and music was put on hold to begin a family.

Come 2007, sea.envy was introduced to a little netlabel out of LA (Heavy Industries) and the music bug had infected him once again. A digital mix was created for the label which was the first of many to be released on Dutch label, Sonic Walker. The idea of releasing his older material had surfaced and in 2008 we saw the release of the Still Life full length on UK netlabel TerminalStation. Another UK label, Toucan Music, had released an EP containing the couple of tracks that didn't make it into the full length, along with remixes by label founder John Dalling.

Present day '09, after 7 years since his last production, Manifest Northwest was founded as a celebration of the continuation of his musical endeavors. In collaboration with other artists both local and worldwide, sea.envy has made a commitment to make the best techno beats available for your listening pleasure at no cost to you, so please enjoy!

sea.envy is not capitalized.

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 [MNW010]   Love Is A Four L...  
Love Is A Four Letter Word by-nc-nd
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4 Tracks, 1 Artist '707 Downloads [i]
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Remix and Additional Productio... by-nc-sa
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on toucan music
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