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The Additive

Last Update
2019-07-31 03:45:30

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Artist Profile

Tony Buzzerio, aka The Additive, has born in 1985 in Alberobello - a little town southern Bari.
In 2001 starts to play the electric guitar and to exhibit with his band: Sandy can Sound. Since his first experiences as guitarist, basically influenced by the sounds of Sonic Youth, Bauhaus and Velvet Underground; he is fascinated by the possibilities to create, combinate and modify the sounds.
In 2004 he discovers the digital music and his first experiments begin. In 2006 moves to Rome and left his old band.
In 2009 he founds the Pupazzi per Mary with 2 members of the old band, with them he plays live engaging to the digital sounds.
So, today, he goes in for digital music.
Because of the various musical influences (from electro to Rock, through minimal Techno and Drum'n Bass) his production follows aesthetic lines often contrasting each other.

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