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Technology of Silence

Last Update
2019-07-30 18:38:48

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Artist Profile

Technology of Silence is a story about a post-nuclear city… it’s a story about people who live in the city…it’s a story about ecological catastrophe… about human madness… human fears… and about eternal searching for loneliness.

Technology of Silence is a Russian ambient / industrial / experimental project that has existed since 2004. The founder of the project is Denis Romanov. Silence and music are incompatible notions. Various ideas are united in their music. The surrounding world and events happening in it are considered from completely different points of view, opposite sides. The idea of duality is congenial to the band. The music of TOS is atmospheric, melancholic and creates a certain mood. It’s a fusion of ambient, industrial, IDM, minimal techno, although the band doesn’t keep to a certain style. Environmental problems, man-caused catastrophes – one of the basic themes among the line of TOS’s albums. The main character of the band’s stories is a post-apocalyptic city. It appears as the ruins of a high-tech civilization, perished with its own hands and as a container of human’s recollections, emotions and feelings.

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