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Sven Laux

Last Update
2019-07-31 12:37:59

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Artist Profile

Sven Laux, born in Neubrandenburg is currently residing in Berlin. Sven’s career started in 1998 with creating music by using simple computer programs and his first keyboard. In 1999-2000, electronic music became his chosen style, as his passion for sampling and looping tracks constantly grew and he began to create his own special sound. He has released and remixed on different genre labels like spontanMusik, Multi Vitamins, Archipel, Tropic, Mischievous Musique and Leporelo just to mention a few.

His focus today is on playing the latest releases from various (net)-labels, which are often obscure and unknown to the crowd, and on getting his name out to a wider audience and building his professional reputation within the scene by releasing on different labels globally. In 2008 he started a new project, called Offtopic. Under this moniker he presents a very special non-dancefloor oriented sound, created by nothing more but pure improvisation.

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insectorama [ext] by-nc-nd
De, Leipzig
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TropicNetlabel [ext] by-nc-nd
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Bleepsequence [ext] by-nc-sa
Us, Pittsburgh
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DomaMusique [ext] by-nc-nd
Es, Lugo
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