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Neovinyl is a Malaga-based netlabel focused on distribution of innovative music and digital design. Our objective is to create a platform for musicians and visual artists trying to offer the maximum quality, considering our budget and equipment limitations, while keeping our feet on the floor.

The history from Neovinyl started in 2005, when a group of friends who were involved since many years ago in different fields of music and visual design decided to join their forces and line them in order to spread culture and philosophy, evidently, according to their principles.

We finally found this project as a perfect way to establish, develop and promote our particular concept of innovative art.

Neovinyl's personality is based on the equilibrium among the concepts: innovation, work, humility and tolerance from plural points of view. We are overall compromised with ourselves and, in consequence, follow our own goals rather than trying to reach massive successful results.

Nevertheless, we are looking forward to get to know external opinions. That means, if you are interested in releasing your music or digital designs through this organization, please do not hesitate and contact us sending personal info and some of your work.

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 Asuntos Internos...  
Asuntos Internos NV005 
by the machinist
on neovinyl
4 Tracks, 1 Artist '777 Downloads
 Before Circus Ov...  
Before Circus Over NV012 
by Bottlesmoker
on neovinyl
8 Tracks, 1 Artist 1'802 Downloads
 Frutas Daltà³nic...  
Frutas Daltà³nicas NV013 
by Desi
on neovinyl
4 Tracks, 1 Artist '558 Downloads
 Mexico EP NV00...  
Mexico EP NV002 
by Carlo
on neovinyl
4 Tracks, 1 Artist '918 Downloads
 My Frequency EP...  
My Frequency EP NV008 
Various Artists
on neovinyl
4 Tracks, 2 Artists 1'404 Downloads
 Neovinyl Experie...  
Neovinyl Experience NV010 
Various Artists
on neovinyl
16 Tracks, 15 Artists 5'437 Downloads
 No Step EP NV0...  
No Step EP NV003 
by Mikel Mendia
on neovinyl
4 Tracks, 1 Artist '808 Downloads
 Obskur NV004  
Obskur NV004 
by Osobu
on neovinyl
10 Tracks, 1 Artist 1'993 Downloads
 Scarpe Biance...  
Scarpe Biance NV011 
by Jon Doe
on neovinyl
6 Tracks, 1 Artist 1'169 Downloads
 Shooting Star...  
Shooting Star NV007 
by Baldo
on neovinyl
4 Tracks, 1 Artist 1'012 Downloads


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Equaliteq, neovinyl, mixotic, TropicNetlabel...
7 Releases, 4 Labels [i]
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Equaliteq, neovinyl, TropicNetlabel
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13 Releases, 6 Labels [i]
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 Jon Doe  
Jon Doe
neovinyl, Zimmer-Records
4 Releases, 2 Labels