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Last Update
2019-07-30 17:35:29

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Artist Profile

Here come the Nerdstepper! Maultaschen-murderer!

Back in year 2003, Pierlo started this upitup role playing game with Isocore, Jacques and Tracky. His commitment and his programming skills keep improving what started out as our transeuropean music collective and desolved in this frustratingly wonderful label thang.

Pierlo keeps feeding the Open Source scene with his home-made scripts he wrote for the Upitup website; there ain’t no problem der uncool MC can’t solve: he's the php/mysql ubergeek that made this website possibile :)

His infamous “Meccani$mo” album was supposed to be Upitup’s first vinyl– but after years of delay our founding father decided to make Meccani$mo his debut-upfree.

Some people claim he is the man behind the mysterious artist named Rufus Mandelbrock. What’s definetely true is that it’s always worth seeing Pierlo perform live since he is known for using things like celery and corn in his PG-Digi-Box, as well as playing funny geek-gadgets like a Nintendo DS to control VST effects over Wifi or like a Wiimote to play live drums using its bluetooth interface. Nerd!

With his band Primix For Kids he produces pastafari and ©rap, and there’s nothing more fun than taking a ride through Rome on his Vespa!

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