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2019-07-31 09:44:58

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Artist Profile

Massimo Discepoli (aka Nheap) is a drummer and drum teacher, working mainly around Perugia (central Italy). Born in Assisi (PG), he studied with Dave Weckl, Terry Bozzio, Alex Acuna, Kim Plainfield, Ron Savage, Pat Petrillo, Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez, Lonnie Smith, Michel Camilo,Bruno Erminero, Mercurio Marco, Francesco Boccacci, Marco Pellegrini.
As drummer, he plays in every kind of musical project, both live and in studio, from jazz to rock. In 2005, with Jacopo Bazzarri (vibes) e Francesco Fabbri (Hammond organ), he starts the Vibrham trio, and in 2006 he records the trio's first CD, "Vibrham", internationally distributed and featuring some of Massimo's own compositions.He plays with the Di Pace-Katchmarek-Discepoli, which placed 2th at the 2007 edition of "Assisi Musical Contest". In 2005 he starts studying piano, and then he begin composing his own music.
In 2007 he creates the Nheap project. Under this moniker, he compose and plays his own music, whose is a blending of jazz, electronic, rock, avantgarde and experimental.
The first complete album , Realight, was released in Settembre 2008 on the Musicaoltranza label. Various tracks are included in some compilations, releases by the same label. In 2009 he release his second album, Skymotion, on the Acustronica label. Both album are positively reviewed by italian and international press, and the "Hldrrr" is featured as "Today's free MP3" on the famous jazz magazine Allaboutjazz. The whole album was also selected as one of "The Best Albums of 2009" by Leonard's Lair and as one of "The Best Instrumental Albums of 2009" by Hold the Throne
Nheap's music is also used, through licensing, by some companies (ie. Samsung)
In the same year he starts the Nunun duo, with Cesare Discepoli (guitar, synth), and the first album, including acoustic end electronic improvvisations, is coming soon on Acustronica. Nunun are collaborating with Giorgio Pinai (horns), on the L.E.D. trio; this trio works mainly playing realtime an improvised soundtrack to some classics movies (ie, some movies directed by Luis Bunuel).
Massimo Discepoli also teach drums both in schools and in his studio.

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