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Ghosts and Strings

Last Update
2019-07-28 17:02:49

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Artist Profile

Ghosts and Strings (also known as Los Veneremos) is the long over due project by composer/musician/sound designer/recording engineer David Molina. It truly represents the kind of music where his heart is really at: Long, Epic, Cinematic, Guitar based pieces.

For the past ten years he got stuck performing music, composing scores, and designing sound for theatre, dance, film, radio, installation, performace art, and multimedia productions.

Since the age of seven years old, Molina has been perfoming various styles of music on many instruments, in many bands and ensemble formations. He also performed and studied classical guitar for 12 years, until he discovered the art of recording and scoring music for theatre and dance.

Since about 1996 molina collaborated and performed with the amazing guitarist and composer Chris Webb on numerous theatrical productions and in bands.

He has worked with numerous theater companies, and art spaces in San Francisco and frequently collaborates with Visual Artist Victor Cartagena, Film maker Ana Geyer, Performance Artist Violeta Luna, and Director Roberto Varea.

Since 2001 he has been sound engineer, & resident artist for the Drum Machine Museum, and has performed many concerts with museum owner Mickey Tachibana.

Film credits include Barry Gifford's "Ball Lightning", the "Narc" and "Prospect" by Octavio Solis, and the documentary "The Translation Project" by Niloufar Talebi.

Molina performs with the experimental, electro-acoustic band Transient which features Garret La Fever and John Ingle. together they have performed at 2005 and 2007 International Loop Festival, and at the Chapel of Chimes 2005 winter soltice concert, and at various noise shows. He also performed and recorded with free-jazz musicians Marco Eneidi, and George Cremachi.

Molina recently toured Peru with Violeta Luna and Argentina with Secos Y Mojados who were Invited Artists for The Hemespheric Institute's "Encuentros 2007"

You can also hear his work as Los Veneremos on Dorog records, and as David Molina on Mun Discos, as Special Patches and Collision Course at, and as Transient on Black Note Music.

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