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Gardens From Light

Last Update
2019-07-31 08:02:36

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Artist Profile

By turns trippy, serene, grandiose and outright terrifying, Gardens From Light is an ambient drone project from the north of England.

Ian Sparke and Steven Illidge got together during 2006 and recorded their acclaimed debut album, the two-hour double LP ‘Birds Of Joy And Sorrow’, which was released via Berlin net label Resting Bell in October 2007, taking inspiration from Eastern European mythology and drawing musical influences from the sonic landscapes of William Basinski, Tangerine Dream and Brian Lustmord.

Following ‘Birds Of Joy And Sorrow’, the ‘Sun Chariot’ one-track EP was released on Resting Bell in March 2009, and ‘I Will Count The Stars’ appeared on Volume Voice’s ‘The Happy Divide’ compilation later that year.

Illidge departed the project in 2011, leaving Sparke the sole member. After a protracted genesis which led to the initial set of recordings being scrapped, the second Gardens From Light album, The Axis Of The Skies, finally took shape. It is due for release in early 2012.

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