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Gaetano Fontanazza

Last Update
2021-02-04 10:44:51

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Artist Profile

Gaetano Fontanazza is a very versatile musician. He played almost every kind of music you can think of, but his major interest is making guitar based ambient music. Fond in “livelooping” playing. He goes beyond the boundaries of his instrument, producing music with the typical tools and techniques of the modern digital producers.
His music is based on instinct and emotion, with little to no intellectualization in post production and engineering, and only if needed.
He likes to think of himself as an explorer who has surprise for everything, but knows greatness when he sees it.

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Various Artists
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4 Tracks, 3 Artists '298 Downloads [i]
 [SCM-1302]   Music For Toys M...  
Music For Toys Meditation by-nc-sa
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 [SCM-2002]   On A Winter Day  
On A Winter Day by-nc-sa
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 [SCM-1606]   One Parsec Wide...  
One Parsec Wide Pocket by-nc-sa
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10 Tracks, 1 Artist '700 Downloads [i]
 [SCM-1501]   Sounds on Canvas  
Sounds on Canvas by-nc-sa
by Gaetano Fontanazza
on Sucu Music
9 Tracks, 1 Artist '891 Downloads [i]
 [SCM-1803]   The Grandpa Lull...  
The Grandpa Lullabies by-nc-sa
by Gaetano Fontanazza
on Sucu Music
8 Tracks, 1 Artist '984 Downloads [i]
 [brh15]   The Path  
The Path by-nc-sa
Various Artists
on Breathe
35 Tracks, 32 Artists 6'125 Downloads [i]

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It, Enna
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