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Sucu Music : On A Winter Day

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 01:02:24 - 320kb/s - 117.00 MB
Date released
Date published
2020/12/03 09:33h



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Release Notes

On a Winter Day, first released for streaming and download in digital stores, is gifted by Gaetano Fontanazza to the beloved Sucumusic so that also the Creative Commons community could enjoy this album of ambient music.

On a Winter Day is a state of mind, where everything may seem frozen to the eyes but not to the soul.
​It is that right time to slow down and let the nature and the heart speak.
​It is a deep journey where every emotion is dilated.

​“And I will say” welcomes us like a sweet waking up through waves of blankets, with Gaetano singing a sort of good morning lullaby, setting the mood for the entirety of the platter.

“Like blurred shapes” is like an instrumental representation of eye floaters pleasantly impairing your inner vision, which then disappears in “Shadows and paper walls” where, thanks to the notes of an acoustic guitar, we are transported to a dimension where everything is twilight and confused shapes around the corners. “About anti-entropic fields” and “Memory lapses” are disordered flashes of utter remembrance, hitting you from everywhere.

“Been to the ship wreck” is just as the title says, a blindfolded trip with hands behind your back to a place where everything is no more, where everything is useless and forgotten.

And then you could slowly dance forever to the sweet notes of “She never dance” with someone who doesn’t want to, and maybe just wants to look to the “Crescent over waters” with you, as long as the music and the reversed guitars resound, and then turning both of you in “Red shifted lovers” floating amidst ethereal intangible waves.

And then you come back to earth, “On a winter day”, where everything is sparse, cold, calm, clear and frozen in time; just a white snapshot of a white pleasant noise.

And then, after all, you feel “Safe from this world”, as Gaetano comes back again singing words of soothing resolution for a one day journey which ends in piano notes made to lull your thoughts.
And then everything ends with “Resonances”, in neverending singing bowls destined to take you to another level of being: bodyless, motionless, harmless.

Luca Sproviero​

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