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Last Update
2019-07-31 11:13:09

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Artist Profile

For those who don't know, for those who still don't believe. Brokenspud is a sort of messiah, moving around Europe in order to spread the word of Neurofunk.

Related Releases

 [CLR001EP]   Incoming EP  
Incoming EP by-nc-nd
by Brokenspud
on Chlorine
2 Tracks, 1 Artist '283 Downloads
 [SOSLP007]   Infectious Agent  
Infectious Agent by-nc-nd
by Brokenspud
on Sostanze Records
8 Tracks, 1 Artist 1'008 Downloads [i]
 [CLR014]   Resistance  
Resistance by-nc-nd
by Brokenspud
on Chlorine
1 Track, 1 Artist '140 Downloads

Related Labels

 Sostanze Records  
Sostanze Records [ext] by-nc-nd
It, Rome
16 Releases, 21 Artists
dnb techno electro sostanze netaudio ccmusic trap wonky beats  
Chlorine [ext] by-nc-nd
17 Releases, 16 Artists
idm dnb experimental breakcore deep neurofunk techstep darkstep bass old school drum and bass drum  
Shrammaka [ext] by-nc-nd
28 Releases, 22 Artists
dnb experimental dubstep industrial jungle breakcore acid neurofunk techno-dnb techstep darkstep atmospheric jump-up progressive technoid liquid hardstep drum and bass drumstep syncopated rhythms drum 'n' bass crossbreed liquid funk  
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