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direktschall : schall ep

Released on
Playtime: 30:41 - 320kb/s - 57.53 MB



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Release Notes

Atmogat are back with five deep sounding tech tracks with some miniml influence. Schall the opener begins softly with bleeping sounds and backgrounded industrial patterns rolling into a nice beat tracking. BG 1092 moves into a abstract sound scape driven from high pitched bit sounds and analog filtered synth percussions. The beat is oldschool driven but in addition to the new sounds it offers a deep punch. Second Landscape is a faster track driven from the deep rolling basedrum. With nice filtered bleepy sounds and some crunchy off beat programmed percussion elements this tune offers the right feeling.The string pads which are coming in a distorted way makes this track complete. Techground Zero is classic techno track with miniml influences. Nice beats and sounds arranged well to transfer you into another sphere. Well and the last track Corrupt.Sys. is a very deep minded tune. bass saw and a overdosed modem sounding like a corrupt system integration used by a drunken hacker on high state. (trigger)

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