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Catalog number
Playtime: 54:47 - 160kb/s - 51.36 MB
Date released
Date published
2009/12/21 23:02h



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Release Notes

Coming from Italy and with a promising career on the Netaudio scene, Ennio Mazzon presents in Audiotalaia his second solo release. After releasing a remix for Off Land at Resting Bell and his debut "The Scent of Morning Lights" (Timetheory Netlabel 2008), Mazzon delivers a collection of soundscapes, drones and subtle textures.

The sound of Mazzon it's refined and synthetic. The pace of time gets slowed down while listening Muffled. Different layers of stretched sounds are convined exquisitly all togheter forming a continuous and straight timeline that it's transforming in slow motion.

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