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ChaseRecords : [chase040] - VA - Desolation - CD2

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 53:40 - 320kb/s - 100.62 MB
Date released
Date published
2011/03/27 18:02h



dnbexperimentalindustrialbreakcorehardcoredarkstepterror Please login to edit Tags
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Release Notes

For this very special 40th release on Chase Records, celebrating 6 years of dedication to free hard electronic music, several producers have been asked to create / send a track based on the theme of “Desolation”. No styles restriction were given and each artist in the following tracklist could send everything between deep Ambient and Speedcore that defines, in sound terms, the feeling of desolation. The result of this conceptual release consists in 30 incredible beautiful tracks, gathered in 3 free downloadable virtual CD’s, covering a wide range of emotions and feelings attached to desolation. That compilation was then divided into 6 parts that could represent the steps of a desolating situation This compilation means a lot for me and for Chase Records net label and I sincerely hope people will enjoy it as much as I did when I collect those incredible tracks representing every kind of dark or hard electronic music. Please download and share this compilation everywhere! Plug your headphones, close your eyes and enjoy the trip through desolation!

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Playlists containing tracks from this release

28 March 2011
28 March 2011
Public Playlist
12 Tracks | Playtime: 01:08:00

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