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Unconventional Netlabel : Various Artists - Sea Life

Catalog number
Playtime: 01:37:26 - 320kb/s - 182.69 MB
Date released
Date published
2011/11/18 09:21h



idmexperimentalglitchminimaldubdeep housemicrodowtempo Please login to edit Tags
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Release Notes

We got a problem with zip File and server,but if do you want download it, please going to our Release Link

In the depths of the sea, there are beings who have evolved and adapted in this hostile environment, depending strictly on cannibalism to survive, using cleverly harmless appearance, deceiving his victims with their beautiful costumes attractive colors and lights. Once their prey falls into their game, they carry out their deadly plan. These facts teach us little beings known to man on survival in extreme environments, we invite you to discover the biosphere, which seems another world, full of textures, colors and sounds never explored by us!.
Let us enter to discover this paradise blue, where our ears are the most advanced way!

SEA LIFE! / VA UN005 [Español]
En lo mas profundo del mar, existen seres que han evolucionado, adaptándose en este entorno tan hostil, dependiendo estrictamente del canibalismo para subsistir, usando sagazmente su apariencia inofensiva, engañando a sus víctimas con sus hermosos trajes de colores y luces atractivas. Una vez su presa cae en su juego, llevan a cabo su plan letal. Estos seres nos ensenan realidades poco conocidas por el hombre sobre la supervivencia en entornos extremos, nos invitan a descubrir esa biosfera, que pareciera otro mundo, lleno de texturas, colores y sonidos jamás explorados por Nosotros!.
Adentrémonos a descubrir este paraíso azul, en donde nuestros oídos sean el sentido más avanzado!

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