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Last Update
2019-07-30 17:34:09

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Artist Profile

Myniciush monster created in 2008 by two music unconventional lovers. that music has the distinction of having surrounding sounds, creating any ambience according to the environment in facing these two artists.
The genres of music that usually myniciush are:
minimal, glitch, micro, IDM deep, downtempo, dark, house.
Currently belong to the Unconventional booking, where we revel in its sounds delicious.

Wicked sounds that welcome you to this totally new and mysterious world, it invites you to free your mind and feel how you get surrounded by this organic sounds, eventually you will feel totally immersed, lost in that reality. All of the sudden it changes, a more frenetic rhythm creates a harmonic chaos, then peace, your mind has been hypnotized and then a new trip begins and you breath those sounds, it becomes an exciting trip, voices that somehow warns you about something more deep in this podcast. Now Myniciush creates a whole world in your mind, this artist who seems to be very comfortable with obscure sounds and rhythm that gets connected with your senses.

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