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fish recordings : Try And Error - Katastrofa VIP

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 6:48 - 320kb/s - 12.75 MB
Date released
Date published
2010/12/07 22:25h



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Release Notes

release number fourty-seven on fish recordings is here:use the following instructions if you want to get known within the drum n bass-scene!-make collabs with famous artists, do remixes of their stuff and get remixed by them-also work on unauthorized remixes of the latest dnb hits-work on bootleg-remixes of mainstream hits by justin bieber, lady gaga and artists like these-get in touch with known labels-get features on known radioshows with your tracks and mixes-try to get your tunes on important podcasts and mix series-try to appear on internet tv shows and/or try to get your tunes be played/reviewd there-tell people everything about you on facebook and other sites-be an active user of different social networks and connect to everybody who is more known than you-write on forums until you are more known then try to keep off forums-be the nice guy from around the corner on aim and other instant messengers-use "coming soons" and release any info which leads to assumptions by others that youwill work with known names and labels-send your tunes to people-dont think too much about sending around your tunes. they will be leaked anyway...-set up your own label and release tunes by big names, collabs of you with big names, remixes of you by big names, remixes of your tunes made by big names-use professional artwork including violence and naked women-press up limited white label runs-spend money on forum banners and doa sticky threads-tell people to bump your threads-tell people to comment your soundcloud-tell people to comment your facebook statements-try to get leakedby  key people in the illegal mp3 distribution networks-offer merchandise of yourself or your label (t-shirts, coffee mugs, condoms, etc)-buy your own releases on beatport to make them appear in the top sellers list-try to establish an own event series connected to yourself and/or your label and book big name djs-send out newsletters and other spam-set up a youtube channel or better try to find people posting your unreleased stuff on youtube-create an image of your artist persona-create legends about yourself-find affiliates to get the ugly jobs done-find supporters (if needed pay them to support you)after a maximum of six months you will be real famous!!!

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