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this side music : Thumbs Up! EP

Released on
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Playtime: 28:49 - 320kb/s - 54.03 MB
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electronictech housedeep house Please login to edit Tags
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Release Notes

This Side Up presents 'Thumbs Up' ep, the first release/compilation of the label, which showcases the artists forming the core of the label. Deep & tech house are the main ingredients of the tracks, which are the first releases for each artist. Lee Fraged teams up with Pantal (aka dj Numark/Funxion) to create the detroit influenced, acid-tinged beats of 'Love Machine', a deep yet punchy tech track filled with a distinct luscious pad to give a melancholic touch and spur feelings of a mechanical-love-future. Too serious for you? Try the Double Trouble treat of two tracks. L17 has a summer feel with its deep bass, dubby effects & and delayed vocal snippets. Fetish on the other side drives a deeper way, west coast influenced, with the percussion keeping the pace and the deep male vocals, Xerxes style, showing the way. Linny Berret finishes off the pack, on a housier tone, with 'Deeper Luv', a basic track with a 4 on the floor old-skool tempo and a fluffy bassline complete with subtle vocals and an exotic melody. Track 1 w+p by Lefteris Fragedis and Panagiotis Talianis Tracks 2+3 w+p by Alexandros Akritopoulos Track 4 w+p by Linny Berret All tracks w+p 2007, Crete, Greece. Mastered by Steve Kitch (

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This Side Up: A Selection
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techno tech house deep house  

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