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this side music : Resurge Three

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 26:14 - 320kb/s - 49.19 MB
Date released
Date published
2012/10/31 19:15h



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Release Notes

Digging up the digital crates and revisiting famliar grooves, Resurge Three marks the completion of the trilogy by bringing together alternate versions of known tracks and original material reserved for a proper release. Local talent Lee Fraged & Double Trouble make up for the first two tracks of the compilation with two deep house tracks: Say it with your own words with sexy vocals on top of its driving bassline and percussion and an alternate version of Fetish originally found in the very first This Side Up release. Swap sides, moving up north, to find two tracks, each one with its own distinct dub techno sound: Liquid Level's Ultra is a mover, sweeping albeit deep, while Dominique Jacquinet rides again on Boulevard Road for a sound update of what was once found on his Floating EP.

Track 1 w+p by Lefteris Fragkedis & Alexandros Akritopoulos, 2010, Chania, Greece & Berlin, Germany.
Track 2 w+p by Alexandros Akritopoulos, 2007, Crete, Greece
Track 3 w+p by Juraj Štumberger, 2011, Zagreb, Croatia.
Track 4 w+p by Dominique Jacquinet , 2011, The Hague. The Netherlands.
Mastered by Dimitri Barnias at Diapason Studio, 2012, Crete, Greece.

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