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Ionium : Sub Route EP

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 22:27 - 320kb/s - 42.09 MB
Date released
Date published
2010/08/27 18:45h



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Release Notes

More than just dancefloor-sound!LPF12 shows clearly that something new and innovative is still possible in electronic music. LPF12 is “intelligent dance music” made for your mind cinema! Electronic tracks full of complex arrangements, tricky rhythms, mysterious sounds and intelligent structures, which are able to challenge the listener without asking too much of him. With every listen new pictures are being created in the head.The multilayered music guides the ear to every new detail. The listener becomes the discoverer. With experimental and demanding soundscapes, catchy melodies and driving beats LPF12 creates a unique, atmospheric music with a strong danger of addiction. With his excessive creativity LPF12 should easily be able to make some of the established electro-acts go pale with envy.Intelligent music and dancefloor are going hand in hand! LPF12 is music made for headphones, for the joy of sound. Music for gourmets, for explorers … but don’t restrain yourself if your muscles are twitching. LPF12 is definitely danceable and suitable for clubs! But it’s just so much more!Sceptical?Try out LPF12 with their free-download EP “Sub Route”, the appetizer for the upcoming main menu, the album “Individual Suffering”.

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11 October 2010
11 October 2010
Public Playlist
10 Tracks | Playtime: 56:12

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