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Gleichtakt : Psycoded - Metalanguage

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 01:15:44 - 192kb/s - 85.20 MB
Date published
2011/04/21 14:24h



dj-settechnominimalsetgleichtakt recordspsycoded Please login to edit Tags
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Release Notes

01| shalma - kohtao (minusn)02| coeval - el chorro - hierro1 (minusn)03| votchik - my account2100 - loop (equaliteq)04| butane - ulcer - gurtz remix (unfoundsound)05| doctor´s orders - troll (diggarama)06| bo - funky carrots (haknamdigi)07| stratoliner - dinky girl (stratospherik)08| sammy - damn computer (tonimusic)09| dan rotor - professor wurstig (digital diamonds)10| hiroshi oki - looking for a flat (ignored)11| patrick skoog - wr (ignored)12| kontext - laying on the ground (leibniz)13| pagalve - amino (knob)14| a.professor & paula cazanave - blind date (ignored)15| z@p - insert coins (indigo*magenta)16| audiotrackas - bagkitb (epicurebusiness)17| noraj cue - sugar, lime, cachaca & crushed ice (foem)18| 6884 - 1988 (foem)19| philip weigl - japanese garden (the riverside)

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