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metal-oxide-malfunction : Oddities vol1

Catalog number
Playtime: 35:29 - 320kb/s - 66.53 MB
Date released
Date published
2010/04/03 20:46h



field recordingssounds of short wave Please login to edit Tags
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Release Notes

Short wave, the radio spectrum between the A.M. and F.M. broadcast bands which is often over looked by must people. This “magic band” provides means of worldwide communications for many of the world’s governments, hobbyist and foreign broadcasters. In this radio spectrum you can here anything from news from around the world to hobbyist conversing about their local culture. But between the numerous transmissions of foreign broadcasters, utility communications and ham radio operators you will sometimes here the unfamiliar sounds of shortwave oddity stations. These unidentified broadcasters, transmittes their signals of unknown origin to an unknown audience. Some speculate that these stations beam their encrypted messages too individuals who are involved in espionage. Others through hard research postulate that their signals are for more sinister reasons, such as mind control. Some of these stations broadcast an undecipherable string of letters and numbers. Others send out nothing more then just a single letter in Morse code, while others are no more then a pulsating buzzing sound. For what ever their means and ways, they are truly weird and mysterious broadcasts that are found in between the noise of the “magic band”. The weird and mysterious broadcasts have intrigued Richard Sudney (a.k.a. Telegraphy) for many years. So he took it upon his self to share his fascination with the obscure by recording these stations and releasing them on metal-oxide-malfunction.Scanning the shortwave band late at night for hours with a vintage cold war military surplus communications receiver, Telegraphy picks out distant weird sounding stations through the noise. “They’ll pop up anywhere at any time”, he says as his hand turns the tuning knob at a slow but constant speed. “I’ll spend hours upon hours hearing nothing but noise and foreign broadcasters, and then when you thought heard enough of pops and crackles though the earphones for one night, there’s the unmistakable sound of a number station or a unidentified data transmission”. Shoving a small pocket voice recorder in front of the receivers speaker he whispers “This is shortwave radio listening at is finest”. Telegraphy will continue to listen late at night for these weird and wonderful broadcasts. In his dimly lit radio room with pocket recorder in hand, he will bring metal-oxide-malfunction more releases of shortwave oddity recordings in the future.

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