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Dub-o-phonic : Mr Zebre ft Rebel-I - Legal Rmxs

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 58:54 - 320kb/s - 110.44 MB
Date released
Date published
2016/04/09 18:31h



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Release Notes

Mr Zebre ft. Rebel-I – Legal Rmxs
Catalog No: DPH024
Format: WAV, FLAC, MP3
Genre: Dub/Steppers/Dubwize

RELEASE DATE: 16th Apr 2016

01 Professor Skank (remix)
02 Negritage (chalatage discomix)
03 Atlas Dub meets Sub Majesty (remix)
04 Med Dred (dub melodica rework)
05 Al Breadwinner (dub)
06 Zentash Gigawatt (ganja shot remix)
07 Mexican Stepper ft Djiman (legalized rework)
08 Injektah (remix)
09 Dub Riots (remix)
10 SKG's Dub Alliance (remix)
11 R3di the Dub Hermit (remix)
12 Colonial FX (remix)
13 Dj Rastacore (jungle remix)

All tracks mixed/mastered by the artists except
(2), (4), (7), (8), (11) and (12) mastered by Med Dred and (13) mastered by Mr Zebre

The original version of LEGAL has been released back in 2012 in Mexico by Mr Zebre and Rebel-I, receiving some mad feedback everywhere it was played, especially in Latin America. In the frame of the world wide ganja legalisation movement and the new approach that many countries adopt, we decided to re-release the tune for free download, raising awareness ….. but of course we added that extra Dubophonic touch.

This is not the first time that Dubophonic released a remix album, but this is the first time that it was done in such an interactive way. This release is a result of a competition, which has been running for the last two months. Every artist had the opportunity to submit their own version of the song (remix, dub, rework). We received around 40 submissions and we would like to thank everybody for their contribution. Unfortunately we could not put all mixes on the release ... but you know that dub music has nothing to do with competition. It has to do with the message we spread and with the vibes, and that big feedback proved that dub music has no borders. It is an international movement, growing stronger day by day. Big up to each and every one for the great vibes and also for the hard times you gave us, till we came to the final decision. Every version we received was unique!

The final selection was done by the Dubophonic crew, Mr Zebre, Rebel-I and a team of djs and selectors from various radio stations, who all casted their votes and compiled the list of the 13 tracks who made the final cut: Heavyweight names like Professor Skank (GR) and Al Breadwinner (UK), Dubophonic residents Mexican Stepper (MEX), Med Dred (CY) and Negritage (ARG), but also fresh rising artists like Zentash Gigawatt (BIH), Djiman (FR), Atlas Dub (FR), Sub Majesty (SUI), Injectah (RO), Dub Riots (GR), SKG’s Dub Alliance (GR), R3di the Dub Hermit (UK/CY), Colonial FX (IRL) and Dj Rastacore (ARG). Let the dub games begin!

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