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Section27 : Morphism

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 59:00 - 320kb/s - 110.62 MB
Date released
Date published
2011/09/09 18:43h



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Release Notes

With a healthy back catalogue of varied albums, EP's and remixes under each of his guises, this new Nonima album entitled "Morphism" follows last year remarkable and well received outing "Karmadebt".

Any influences that might be apparent under the surface here have a far more interesting catchment area, echoes of early Richard Devine,the droning sensibilities and head pounding beats and experimentalism of Mick Harris, the micro detail and machineisms of Lexaunculpt and Arovane put in the freezer and deconstructed further, the confidence and energy of Glasgow's Slam and Soma but without any glowsticks or drunken fumbles. Nonima brings beats and he wants you to get lost, dance like a skeleton and bring them to your Science lab to extract their DNA. If your name's not down though, you're not getting in.

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