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2019-07-30 17:34:37

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Artist Profile

Nonima is the pseudonym of Tam Ferrans, a 26 year old noisenik from the sunny climates of Scotland. Ranging through Glitch, Downtempo, Ambient, Glitch Hop, experimental electronic and Industrial, citing his main influences as Throbbing Gristle, Coil, Autechre, Richard Devine, AFX, Fizzarum, Dockstader, Wendy Carlos, Captain Beefheart and “a lot of early techno from the 90’s like KLF, Chemical Brothers and that”, and makes the type of music that the postman can whistle on his morning rounds… if you squashed it through the eye of a needle into a dissolving soundcard.

He has released three full length albums Fear Of Mathematics, Wrpdata and Karmadebt as well as an out-takes collection titled Scream Unheard.

A new release through the Tres Catorce label titled Bit Encryption was released in November 2010, of which he calls “the missing piece of Karmadebt, but are two halves of the same coin”. Its style however appears lighter in tone and more ambient than the album itself.

He was involved in a project between 2007 and 2009 with theAudiologist which imaginatively was called Nonima & theAudiologist, and through this partnership saw the release of three well received full length albums and an EP entitled “Fragile Shards”. These albums’ tracks were created and culled from live sessions recorded between the two artists and then given some later tweaks and overdubs whilst attempting to retain their spontaneity and flow. They would later abandon this alias in 2010 to move onto their more studio based and current project, Altered:Carbon.

Nonima also runs the Section 27 label, a non-profit Creative Commons Licensed platform for what he calls “a place that releases the sounds that tickle the synapses” and is an active supporter of underground electronic music.

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Karmadebt by-nc-nd
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 [S27-080]   Morphism  
Morphism by-nc-nd
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Sectioned by-nc-nd
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Sectioned v3.0 by-nc-nd
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VSFREEMXS by-nc-nd
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 [S27-043]   We Are One  
We Are One by-nc-nd
Various Artists
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51 Tracks, 51 Artists 13'828 Downloads [i]
 [P36-018]   Wrpdata  
Wrpdata by-nc-nd
by Nonima
on Pavillon36
14 Tracks, 1 Artist 3'893 Downloads [i]

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Fr, Nîmes
60 Releases, 168 Artists
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Section27 [ext] by-nc-nd
Uk, Scotland
34 Releases, 199 Artists
electronica idm dnb experimental ambient glitch breaks techno minimal electro industrial dub hip-hop downtempo abstract chill glitch-hop leftfield  
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