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Little Rascal Records : Grow Food Not Lawns Dub

Catalog number
Playtime: 32:47 - 319kb/s - 61.36 MB
Date released
Date published
2014/04/07 07:32h



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Release Notes

Inspired by Permaculture, Urban Farming, Gardening and the Fertile Revolution. This dub-techno-steppa release is made to promote the Grow Food Not Lawns movement.

Heavy steppas may not be everyone's ideal gardening music, whilst to some they are the perfect stomping, psychedelic, digging soundtrack - the intention is there. Like an ever producing garden bed, the dub music emerges, builds, undulates and grows to deliver to you edible sonic and musical resources.

Im finding much inspiration in my own garden and permaculture endeavours from all the permaculture people all over the globe!! Combine this with all the awesome dub and various musics and artists I find and love to listen to, and we're making a potential perma-dub contribution! Using the music and internet mediums to promote the importance, ecologicaly, individualy, as a community, local, global, from here on, humanity - permaculture can change our life, society and our planet!

Get the message out there to everyone!:

In the age of political campaigns and grassroots movements, the act of growing food is the real resistance to the matrix. Idle No More, Occupy and the Tea Party all represent an awakening but urban farming is the path to freedom. With a little help and hijacking from the original urban article, here are the top 5 reasons why urban farming the the ONLY REAL movement for change and why it should be a staple message in all other movements.

1. Decentralize The Local Economy: Outside of some local farmers markets, most money in America does not stay local. More and more people are shopping at WalMart and local grocers, gas stations and girl scout cookies are feeding systems built in a far away land. Selling, trading or giving with love puts a significant dent to these commercial systems that have made people lose focus on the importance of local commerce. If urban farming continues to grow it can change the paradigm quickly.

2. It's the Environment, stupid: Environmentalists have been heard in the past saying that if you drive a car or eat a chicken, you don't actually care about the planet. In a game of righteous chess, I'm going to top them and say, if you don't eat your own food that you grow, you are the problem. By growing your own food you are cutting off a source of fossil fuel pollution. You are eliminating your share of chemicals sprayed on food. You are reducing plastic use. You are finally giving back.

3. Common Unity: Whenever you interact with the natural world, time slows down and priorities come into focus. Once enough people do this, they will more easily connect with the community around them and make changes to what's real in their lives. Enough of the ballot box attempts at change your vote is with your time and money. Once enough people are on board the laws will change or evaporate to accommodate an empowered people.

4. The only thing better is wild. The more we eat what we grow, the more we eat raw and the healthier we will be. Homegrown is so much better than what you buy in the store and this is something people seem to have forgotten. In addition, gardening is hard physical labor, which is also much needed with our 9-5 desk jobs. The nutritional value for our kids and grown-ups alike will lead to a more mentally and physically stimulated community.

5. It's a lifestyle. Everything that is important gains strength in importance when you garden. The weather. The dinner. The planning. Your health and eating habits are interwoven throughout the day in a way that is not commercialized, rather connected. As friends and neighbors also garden, everyone will share in the ups and downs of their common goals, exchanging ideas and relaying experiences. All the while, the local economy will be booming.

It is as clear as ever that we should be growing food, not lawns. If you want to protest outside of hells gates that's nice that you are contributing to the global awakening, just don't forget to plant some seeds in the morning. Our freedom depends on it.


...a bunch of great websites to get you informed and started on growing your own food, permaculture, dub and more...

Could this green space be compared with Earth?
A perfection bourgeois revolve around;
Inputs without thought, outputs with scant worth.
Lawns, an abyss to obsess and confound.

A rule of heads amongst a sea of blades.
Each front to yearn for chemicals, oil, water;

Why take care when one could just let forth raids?
Machines and sprays run Mother and father.

But, beneath sod lay a basis for health.
The soil lusts for greenery with substance;

To bear fruit and herb, to wield organic wealth.
Now, till, compost, sow and grow in abundance.

To consume is to produce only pawns,
Urban rebellion, to grow food, not lawns.

To Grow Food, Not Lawns - A Sonnet by Tom Boyden

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