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rawmatroid : El Nino Ep

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 25:53 - 320kb/s - 48.53 MB
Date released
Date published
2010/07/03 21:20h



glitchtechnominimalprogressive house Please login to edit Tags
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Release Notes

Frances describes his tune like “a portrait from my past, a small number of flashback frames as a regression. I usually feel like a child, perceiving and wanting to express and be heard like him. All we were is also what we are now too.”His track contains an elementary base, with a great synth in the middle. The final product is unforgettable.

The second track of the EP is the Kebiin remix. This version of “El niño” keeps de original essence of the track adding melodic and funky elements to it, such as a powerfull bassline, glitch percussion, colourful pads and fx’s.

The basic structure it’s very similar to Frances Lerouge’s original idea but oriented to the club dancefloor. The bass joins the percussion to keep you dancing while the pads raise and suddenly all elements stops to let you feel the original melody.

The James McConaghew´s track is diferent concept from the original. James has made a trance-minimal version with epic strings and an uplifting progression. The song starts with a soft intro that contains the original melody synth. Then become the rithm, and the melody raise again. It´s the perfect tune if you want to do a brake at the end of your set.

The EP contains an ID tool for dj sets, produced by Frances Lerouge.

The artwork has been designed by Pablo Honey.

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