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alt recordings : Drill Of Silver Fir EP (ALTF004)

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 26:27 - 320kb/s - 49.59 MB
Date released
Date published
2010/05/25 12:56h



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Release Notes

We are very pleased to present the latest release on Alt, from Swiss producer Storlon. The 'Drill of Silver Fir' EP continues the minimal aesthetic carried by our first three collections, but pushes the experimental tendencies further towards the outer limits of 4/4 music. Drawing on the free party and techno happenings in Geneva, Storlon's early encounters with the likes of Jeff Mills, Basic Channel, Cristian Vogel and the Warp stable all forged a passion for electronic music deep within, but it wasn't until escaping the frenetic pace of the city's party scene for the mountains of his youth that he moulded this passion into his own productions. Listening to the tracks he has given us you can hear an organic heart throbbing at the core, woven into the layers of processed sounds, where the micro-house blueprint marries itself to the soul of jazz. Suffice it to say we are impressed and you will be too. Label boss Tone Def has turned out a killer remix, taking the framework of the original and honing it for dancefloor consumption.Enjoy.

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