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zenapolae label

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Zenapolæ (pronounced "zen-OP'-oh-LEE") is a privately owned and operated underground electronic music label that originated in the Greater Philadelphia Area of Pennsylvania (USA). The label was founded in 1999 by Zenas Bellace and Erik Smith - two people with a strong sense of D.I.Y. ethics and time-tested devotion to highly experimental electronic music. Erik has since retired from active participation with Zenapolæ. In 2007 Arnd Klotz join with Zenas to take up an active role in maintaining the label and website.

Meanwhile, Zenapolæ has made a move towards Europe. Its servers are now located in Strasbourg, France, and the label is curated by Arnd Klotz, from Tübingen, Germany.

The objective of Zenapolæ is to promote, support, and further experimentation and innovation in the musical arts and to serve as a springboard for artists working along musical lines which are typically very difficult to market commercially. The wide array of musical styles represented here reflects these aims. Zenapolæ artists hail from all over the world and work in many electronic music genres including abstract, dark ambient, down tempo, dub, glitch, illbient, experimental, IDM, microsound, soundscapes, scenic and atmospheric music.

We release all the downloads using the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike License. You can find out more about this at the Creative Commons website ( It's probably the only ideological statement that we'll make. We're not hardcore about it, but it's something we believe in and like to promote. We're not against anyone making a living, so we're pretty happy to support artists who chose a different route with their creations.

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 zenapolae label  
zenapolae label 
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