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year of the machine

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YOTM is a web-based record label run by a motley troupe of party animals, DJs and robots. We release music for an audience of the same and make it available as a high-quality digital download

We tend to focus on the darker, harder hitting or quirkier side of techno and minimal. We encourage the use of digital recordings by DJs with tools like FinalScratch and release 320-kbps MP3 files to make this easier.

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 YOTM 001  
YOTM 001 
by 384unknown
on year of the machine
4 Tracks, 1 Artist '187 Downloads
 YOTM 002  
YOTM 002 
by 384unknown
on year of the machine
2 Tracks, 1 Artist 46 Downloads
 YOTM 003  
YOTM 003 
by 384unknown
on year of the machine
11 Tracks, 1 Artist '229 Downloads