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Imagine two groups of people. For the easiest way of understanding it`ll be «group A» and «group B». «group A» listenig to all this stuff like mtv/radio format music (dmx, linkin park, moby, and other pop products), «group B» listenin to the more advanced music like new hiphop, glitch, indietronika, noise, freejazz etc. So just imagine the sounding mix of mtvpopstuff with advanced music. A killer sound! =) We bring you new/fresh type of music! We bring this good thing to the open-minded people which is not categorized with shit like «group A,B,C,D,KLMNRP». So, just enjoy.
You can call`n`stamp`n`label our music like glitch pop, electro-acoustic/sound design, breakcore, noise, clickjazz, math rock, indietronik guitar rock, call it whatever you want! Lo-fi, hi-fi – it really does not matter! Our artists can use whatever they want (computers powered up with any type of software, synth gears, fx boxes, acoustic guitars, harmonics) to produce interesting sound and music. It does not matter what you use, but the result of record sessions must be full of energy, beauty, warm/cold/harsh/wicked sounds and fresh vibes and ideas! We call it «True Type Sound»!

So, this is what we are about.

electronicaidmhip-hop + conoiseragga + codj-setsets + concertsreading + textart materialsfield recordshi-fi freakslo-fi freaksguitar loversat the beachexperimentalto danceto chillanalogdigital Please login to edit Tags
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ttsnet001 flying saucerer stu... 
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ttsnet007 p sh ll & pii 
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