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Nebular Silence is an Argentinean-based netlabel established in February 2015 with the objective to promote international artists who perceive music from another point of view. The music from this netlabel is able to create psychedelic atmospheres and mind-blowing journeys with astonishing soundscapes and free improvisational pieces.

As you see the netlabel is too young, so we hope it will be improving to provide more comfortably to customers and artists. Meanwhile you are able to listen via streaming all the artists’ music and download it, which includes complete artwork and high quality audio. In this page you will also find artists biography, photos and news.
In the future we hope we were able to release albums in CD format.

The netlabel was named Nebular Silence for the reason that our distinctive soundscapes sound like interstellar silence; while nebulas are, in other words, the source of creation, because the cosmic dust and gases they are formed by clump together materializing larger masses and creating stars.
We recommend listening to our music into the darkness, and let your mind fly!

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 [1502NS-05]   Ex You  
Ex You by-nc
by Ex You
on nebularsilence
4 Tracks, 1 Artist '440 Downloads [i]
 [1502NS-03]   Uj zene  
Uj zene by-nc-sa
by Ars Caelum
on nebularsilence
10 Tracks, 1 Artist 1'290 Downloads [i]


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