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Ars Caelum

Last Update
2019-07-31 13:59:43

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Artist Profile

Ars Caelum
Ituzaingó, Argentina

Ars Caelum is the way Nicolás Desulovich reflects his world influenced by natural soundscapes, human feelings and strident ambiences. This music is not created with conventional parameters of harmony and melody, being composed in a totally free way.
At the current time Ars Caelum has released three albums. The last one, called ‘Új zene’, contains only fully improvised tunes; each track has been composed under a particular mood at a particular time of the day, so everyone has got its own feeling.

2012 – Ars Caelum
2013 – Exposiciones de ambiente saturado
2014 – Új zene

2014 – On the Way to Wümme, A Tribute Album to Faust (invited artist)
2015 - Signs from Celestial Sphere (invited artist)

Nicolás Desulovich – all instruments (mainly keyboards, bass guitar)

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