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go jukebox

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Go, Jukebox! Quality Indie Music For Free

Welcome. We�re Go, Jukebox! and we�re gonna amuse you and, at the same time, push the big record labels a little bit closer to the abyss by giving away our music for free. But at the same time present great music that deserves your attention, and hopefully also make you find other great labels that really need your money, love and devotion.

We don�t know if it�s stupid or not but that�s the main idea behind this concept.

So enjoy our music and help us spread the word!

Our releases so far:

Go001: Reverend Big O | Inside This Land
Go002: Baby Blonde | Vacuum Cleaner
Go003: Reverend Big O | Hear You Out
Go004: You are My Everything | Factory of New Consent
Go005: Baby Blonde | Slowly
Go006: GPK | Black Paint

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